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Welcome to How to Live on Low Income!

The How to Live on Low Income wiki is an educational site where we can share what we have learned about how we can get by on little money. Maybe you have looked at books about money advice, but you feel like they don't understand your situation when they say things like, "Save money by buying lattes less often than every morning," because you never did that in the first place. This wiki is for for everybody who would feel better understood by advice like, "First, get your staples at the food bank, and then get the rest with food stamps." To get started with seeing what this wiki is about, see the contents.


This wiki is for educational purposes only. Although this wiki may talk about activities that may be illegal in some places, in order to educate about how some people survive on low income, this wiki neither condones, advises, nor encourages any illegal activities. Because this is a wiki, be aware that some editors may have added information that is wrong, misleading, or harmful. Readers would be wise to fact-check any information they get from this wiki against more reliable sources. This wiki doesn't constitute getting help from an advisor about health, money, the law, or other sensitive topics. You follow ideas from this wiki at your own risk. This wiki, its administrators, and its editors will not be held accountable for actions you take.

How to edit this wiki

Anybody can edit this wiki, and add things they know about living on low income. Just click "edit" at the top of any article, or click a red link to create a wanted page. Then write what you want, and hit "save changes" at the bottom. If there's something particular you want to figure out how to do, you can learn all about how to edit this wiki from the MediaWiki guide (e.g. navigation, editing, deleting pages, blocking users). Generally, this wiki should stay like Wikipedia's Manual of Style, which sets the standard for wikis. The language we use here should try to be like Simple English as much as possible. In short, that means we mostly use common words, instead of hard words, so that it will be easy for everybody to understand, no matter their background.